Our story

We are a manufacturer of traditional enamel kitchenware. We have known enamelware from our childhood, from true Polish villages. Our mission is to deliver our unique, original, high quality enamelware made in Poland to every client from the furthest corners of the world.

The beginning

We just love enamel! Dishes coated with this smooth glass layer have been with us since early childhood. When our mothers warmed up milk for us – they did it in enamel mugs. We used them during camping to drink coffee with our friends around the fire. Now years later, we have to return to produce this durable and useful product which is so close to our hearts especially for you!

We are Polish manufacturer who produces quality enamelware and signs. Enamel is our passion, which is why we put a lot of care to the production process in order to maintain the highest quality of enamelware money can buy. We are able to offer rare shapes of enamelware, some of which were designed and produced over 100 years ago. Production technology hasn’t changed a lot since then. Preserving and cultivating this great tradition is also one of our passions . We’re delighted to continue this marvelous enameling art and share it with you through our high quality products.

vinatge framed picture of a child with enamel mug

Our team

Tumbler packing with great care.


Within a few years of our activity, we have been lucky enough to meet a group of outstanding people on our path. They make up our team – Emalco. Our team members are professionals in the area of their qualifications and personal talents. We’re consistently building a strong team of various personalities that together, like pieces of puzzles, connect to create one great image that the Emalco Enamelware brand is.