Enamel keyrings, magnets & signs with your design

Do you run a giftshop at the museum, national park or other tourist attraction? Custom enamel fridge magnets and keyrings are an absolute must-have, since they are the most popular souvenirs purchased by tourists for themselves and their close ones.

custom enamel keiyrng

custom enamel sign

Life creates beautiful memories. Each time we visit a new and exciting place, we learn a lot about its history, the people that live there and sometimes even about ourselves. As travelers, we know how enriching it can be for our characters. We also know that not every important experience has to be deep and spiritual. Some of them are just fun and entertaining, but still worth remembering. So, thank you, culture, for the concept of souvenirs!

Create your enamel souvenir in 4 simple steps

Custom enamel keyrings

An enamel keyring is a symbol of simplicity. It’s not much bigger than a standard key, so it’s easy to carry, yet it can still be a valuable reminder of great memories. Its size is just enough size to fit your logotype with the name of your brand. Keys are always with us so a custom-made enamel keyring will turn into an advertisement, that people will carry with them wherever they’ll go. There is no easier way to make people who have visited you remember your place or show your logo to their friends.

If you’re looking for a great upsell product to place on your counter and easily improve your brand recognition by gaining a lot of ambassadors – a custom keyring will be the best answer for your gift shop souvenirs.

Our experience has led us to form two very popular shapes and sizes of enamel keyring. With 14 colors available, you can create a number of unique and stylish keyrings for every type of brand!



Custom enamel fridge magnets

Do you know any fridge magnets maniac? Have you ever bought or received a fridge magnet? They seem to be no-purpose gadgets, yet a lot of people keep magnets in their kitchens. Can you guess why?

To make a house a real home, we fill it with items that emphasize our characters and our unique style. Items full of memories and good resemblance. Simple decorations and gadgets that just put a smile on our faces. Do you know how a lot of parties eventually move to the kitchen? Fridge magnets that remind us of our travels are amazing conversational starters. A fridge magnet that we received from someone close to us is a gadget reminding us that we are important to them. 

A custom fridge magnet is a great surface not only for your logo or brand name but also for more specific information. Maybe you’d like to share your catchy slogan or some educational info? The surface is all yours to design.




custom fridge magnet

Custom enamel signs

Custom enamel signs are a great place to get creative! They can be designed in a modern or vintage way, be educational or decorative, meaningful or funny. 

A wide range of shapes and sizes is just enough to fit pretty much anything you would like to present about your brand. Whether you would like to place an inspirational quote at every desk in your office, present your employees with a pearl of wisdom, launch in your online store a sign with some significant design or street name and building number, it all will look excellent in form of an enamel sign. Colorful, simple, classic and most importantly: custom-made. That’s what enamel signs are all about.



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