Emalco Enamelware original collections

Appreciated in 39 countries and counting. Elegant, practical, original, loved by thousands of happy customers.

8 of our original collections are ready to visit your warehouse.

Our most satisfied clients are coffee roasters, cafes, restaurants, bar owners, travelers, home decorators and many more. Are you one of them?

What are benefits for you?

Beautiful spring collection


Enrich your offer by product premium.

● Start cooperation with known and trusted brand.

Improve your shop economy thanks to high-profit products.

● Low minimum order: 300 USD / EUR

● Use the package of a studio and compositional photographs of our products.

We have thousands of happy clients!

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How does it improve your clients choice?

● Enamelware is safe for the health of your family members and anti-allergenic,

● Resistant to rust and rubbing out,

● Non-toxic kitchenware,

● Easy to clean,

● Resistant to the acids from food and drink,

● Resistant to UV rays keeps its colors for years,

● Functional, it can be used to make dishes, eat them or to reheat,

● Stylish, it mirrors the past in a stylish and modern design,

● Great for camping, mountain trips, fishing with friends, at home, in the office, for coffee, hot chocolate… ready for everywhere and anything!