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Since I could remember, I have beautiful memories of enamel. I’m able to see me in my mind’s eye drinking fresh milk or cold water from enamel mug in the countryside. It’s idyllic, freedom, just pure bliss.

The first thing that enamelware brings to mind is tradition It used to be an everyday item in every home, in the country, in town, enamelware was everywhere. Pots, mugs, plates… ever since I can remember. Housewives, grandmas, aunties – everyone used enamelware.

Enamelware is very practical, timeless, abrasion and rust resistant, also UV resistant. The colour always stays the same… it doesn’t change. It’s really easy to wash and it’s suitable to use on every type of cooker. It can also be used in the freezer, oven, campfire, anywhere you want. The production of enamelware is basically a manual process, which makes the dishes unique. When you buy enamelware you really get one of a kind. Our clients are looking for products made with passion, by flesh and blood people. That’s why we have a circle of customers who love enamelware. What’s interesting, is that the method of production has been the same for over 100 years. We’re not afraid of challenging designs. We have longstanding experience and knowledge in enamelware manufacturing. We place an unusual emphasis upon quality and precision of workmanship. This is why we do not allow compromises.

The fact that we’re a family-owned company, distinguishes us. When our clients contact us they are certain, we’re people engaged in what we do and we can make their project become reality. We’re always doing our best. We have a lot of ideas for the future, and now our biggest dream just came true – we’ve made our own Emalco Enamelware collection. We want to gradually introduce new designs and in this way promote Polish enamelware. Our products are made mostly for clients from the United States, Canada and western European countries. That’s where our biggest enamel fans are situated. Our products are neatly protected to make sure they can go thousands of miles from Poland and our clients will set eyes on the products in the same quality as when we last saw them. We’re also using enamelware – I cannot conceive of selling products which we haven’t tested by our people. Enamel accompanies us at work, on a journey and every holiday.

Enamel just stole our hearts.